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WMA News Recap Sep 10, 2018

WMA News Recap

New research has found a link between a prescription painkiller and a boosted risk of cardiovascular disorders. This research suggests that diclofenac, a widely available anti-inflammatory, should not be so freely available, and that usage be reduced.

A case in Newfoundland and Labrador involving the reinstatement of an employee fired after having failed a drug test is instructive to any industry where drug testing is vital. The Court of Appeal found that the reinstatement, in the absence of a link between the drug use and a specific incident, was reasonable.

A recent blog explores the effect of commerce law on claims adjusting. Many companies find themselves in the position where it’s easier to bring an American adjuster in than a Canadian across provincial boundaries, due to provincial trade barriers from industry regulations. With NAFTA’s future in question, this is an issue to be aware of.

With marijuana legalization looming for Canada, it’s a good time to understand the stats and risks around driving after using cannabis. One in seven active users has driven within two hours of consumption. A Norwegian study found that the crash risk increases by 30 per cent — not something to just dismiss.

Are you paying attention to the opioid crisis? Are you aware of the connection between dangerous jobs, worker’s compensation, and opioid use? Substance addiction can have a huge effect on someone’s well-being, and economic factors play a part.

If one of your workers suffers from a substance addiction and you want to know what your options are, consider an Independent Medical Examination and see how you can help your employee get back to work safely.