Tele-Psychiatric Independent Medical Examinations

When an insurer has to get some independent medical advice on an issue involving mental illness, one of the problems they may encounter is understanding and verifying its extent. In these situations, an independent psychiatric assessment may be in order. 

But with Western Medical Assessments, it just got even easier with our first-in-Alberta Tele-Psychiatric Assessment service. What are the advantages over traditional psychiatric assessments? 

  • Maximum convenience for the claimant 
  • No transportation costs 
  • Faster access 

With a tele-psych assessment, the claimant can access an experienced senior psychiatrist without having to travel. What this means is people in remote Albertan locations can still be examined by the best experts available without having to worry about travel arrangements. 

WMA’s video software is designed specifically for this purpose, is simple to use, and has guaranteed security. 

The bottom line is that Tele-Psych independent medical examinations are now available in Alberta — at a comparable cost to the traditional exams.