Ana Calado

Ana Calado


With more than 20 years’ experience in claims management, Western Medical Assessments’ Chief Operating Officer Ana Calado provides a vital breadth of knowledge of the business of insurance and what it means for employers.

Whether it’s anything from understanding who’s directing each part of the process to the degree of liability involved, Ana is an expert able to speak the language of employers, insurers, and large organisations or institutions when it comes to illness, injury, and disability insurance issues.

Ana contributes valuable perspectives that were gleaned during her fifteen-year career as a senior manager with Sun Life Financial. Her team there dealt with many types of claims including personal injury, disability management, medical malpractice, WCB and return to work issues. She has also been qualified as an expert witness on litigated disability claims. All of this expertise is now dedicated to helping WMA clients with their illness- and injury-related needs.

Working closely with Medical Director Dr. Roger Hodkinson, Ana continues to raise the bar in the independent medical examination market by expanding the well-known WMA brand with the creation of new cost-effective products that act as effective tools for enhanced file management. She makes it her priority to ensure that the client’s needs are met and loves to hear feedback on our performance during her personal visits to discuss these new products.

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