Disability Insurers

It’s Not Easy to Make the Right Disability Insurance Decision

As a disability insurer, you’re constantly dealing with having to make the right decision on varied disability claims. There are so many different types of medical issues you need to understand, and sometimes the claims don’t come with particularly clear or useful information. How do you make the appropriate decision? And when there are red flags, what can you do about them?

Do These Concerns Resonate?

  • Disability claims aren’t matching up with the statistically expected recovery time
  • It’s unclear if an injury would truly prevent someone from working according to the policy conditions
  • You just don’t have enough information — and you’re having trouble getting it
  • The condition seems to consist entirely of subjectively reported symptoms you can’t verify
  • You suspect the claim should be denied, but you’re worried about a lengthy appeals process

The solution is, of course, reaching out for a little medical help.

Get a Clearer Picture with a Medical Expert

There’s a lot to gain from seeking the advice of a medical expert. There are various services available that you may wish to engage — such as having an Independent Medical Examination get you a clearer picture of what’s actually going on. Whether it’s a physical injury, a mental illness, or if there are other complicating factors, this is a tool that can get you the answers you need.

But how do they work? How do you get one, and when is it appropriate to use it?

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