Reasons to Request an Independent Medical Examination

  1. Lack of Improvement

    • The client is concerned that the primary care provider is not providing appropriate therapeutic direction for the claimant
  2. Inconsistencies on File and Client’s ‘Sixth Sense’

    • Clinical or surveillance information inconsistent with claimed disabilities
    • ‘Gut feeling’ that something is not quite right with the claim
    • Concerns of possible factitious reporting, malingering, or fraud
  3. Variances from the Expected Norm

    • Discrepancy between vehicle damages/repair costs/velocity at impact and reported injuries
    • Prolonged recovery despite various therapies
    • Inconsistencies and non-organic signs on examination (Waddell’s signs)
  4. Assistance on Claim Management

    • Is there objective justification to continue providing benefits relative to a contract/insurance policy/regulation, and if so, for how long
  5. Information Presented in the IME Report

    • Details of the incident, seatbelt usage, loss of consciousness, other accidents, WCB claims, etc.
    • Work history
    • Psycho-social stressors other than the incident
    • Prior disease as indicated in pre-incident medical history (GP chart notes, imaging studies, statement of benefits, etc.)
    • Review of medical documentation
    • Present complaints
    • Abnormalities and impairments on examination
  6. Causality, Disability and Treatment

    • Causation of impairment and disability
    • Questionable passive/alternative therapies (past and present)
    • Medically essential treatment plan
    • Safe Return to Work plan
    • Prognosis
    • Support or counter an opinion put forth by the treating GP or by a specialist retained by legal counsel