Functional Capacity Examinations

When an employee has been away from work for an extended period due to medical reasons such as illness or injury, an FCE can be an important tool for establishing their fitness to return to work.

Employers can use FCEs to understand if an employee is able to resume working in a similar capacity to which they worked before the incident, but if not what the restrictions and/or limitations would be for a return to work.

Various testing may be performed, and measurements taken, such as a person’s flexibility, ability to lift, stand, walk, and grasp. Here’s a snapshot of how we can help get answers:

  • Functional Capacity Evaluations
  • Cost of Future Care
  • Return to Work/Safety Assessments
  • Work Site Assessment
  • Vocational Assessment
  • Surveillance Video Assessment

Providing maximum effort has been given, FCEs can be an important tool to assess disability relative to a job description, as opposed to the assessment of impairment from an Independent Medical Examination.

FCEs are performed by experienced Physiotherapists and sometimes by Occupational Therapists. At WMA, we have access to seasoned experts capable of performing FCEs.