Independent Medical Examinations

An Independent Medical Examination is a key tool in verifying the existence and severity of a medical issue — such as illness or injury. Employers, disability insurers, and lawyers in particular can rapidly obtain invaluable clarity regarding a particular case.

Employers can use an IME to ensure a safe and healthy return to work, understand what accommodations may be necessary, and get answers if the process is dragging on for months.

Disability insurers can get insight into the extent of a disability in order to make the correct decision when handling difficult claims. And lawyers are able to get vital information for personal injury suits that can make all the difference in the courtroom.

Western Medical has access to all specialities, no matter how sub-specialized. In unusual cases we can source opinions from the US and Europe – we love a challenge!

  • All Medical Specialties
  • Certified Examinations (Alberta only)
  • Occupational Medicine
  • Dental/TMJ
  • Psychological
  • Neuropsychological
  • Symptom Validity Testing
  • Addictions
  • Medical Malpractice

Our Medical Director’s training and experience as a pathologist is often appreciated in medical malpractice cases where causation and Stadard of Care are critical issues.

Want a more in-depth look at how IMEs help employers? Or maybe you need to know how they can help in disability claims?