Video Surveillance Analysis Report (VISAR)

Western Medical Assessments’ Video Surveillance Analysis Report (VISAR) service is uniquely positioned to help insurers understand what’s going on in complicated insurance claims — especially when it feels like something just isn’t right. 

We expertly compare and contrast six sources of critical information: 

  • An objective, kinesiological analysis of the video itself, including quantification of endurance, ROM, push, pull, squat, sit, climb, kneel, bend, lift, carrying, gait, etc. 
  • Social media information 
  • Alleged disabilities of the claimant 
  • Relevant job description and PDA 
  • Relevant document review, particularly Independent Medical Examinations (defence and plaintiff) 
  • Optional Functional Capacity Exam with objectively defined disabilities — ideally by the same practitioner performing the VISAR 

The result is a clear, evidence-based analysis of an individual’s true physical and endurance capabilities based on an expert evaluation of all pertinent data. For you the insurer, that means you’ve obtained an extra level of assurance that your decision is the right one. The report will be much more useful to you than the unanalyzed raw footage. Your expert, independent opinion based upon it will be the reliable edge you need to be confident that the matter has been resolved appropriately.

Don’t suffer from an incomplete understanding of a disability claim. Get in contact and we’ll provide the vital clarity you can depend on.