Employers often Struggle with the Cost of Absent Workers


Does This Resonate?

  • You’re out a skilled, experienced worker
  • It’s expensive to temporarily fill that role
  • Other employees have to cover for the absence
  • You’re not getting a clear picture of the medical issue
  • At the end of it all, legal proceedings risk escalating the problem

When an injury or illness is keeping your employee off work, the clock starts ticking. The longer they are away, your expenses begin to mount — and that increases the chance that they’ll never return to work.

As an employer, you’re often trying your best to keep the impact minimal while trying to understand what’s actually going on, your responsibility in the process, and respect for your employees’ health. What you need is a tool to get answers fast so you can plan appropriately with Evidence-Based Empathy™.

Facilitating a Healthy, Safe Return to Work

If you had greater insight into the severity of an injury or illness and its implications for a return to work from specialized medical experts in a timely manner — Well, you’d be able to lay many of these concerns to rest!

Having that clarified means you can make appropriate plans, and enjoy the assurance that your employee’s on the right track to recovery. And if you are approaching potential legal issues, you’d know that you’re getting there with the most defensible case possible.

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