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WMA News Recap Oct 15, 2018

The Durham region east of Toronto is experiencing an increase in fatal motor vehicle accidents. One big factor? Distracted driving. In response, they’ve launched a public awareness campaign targeting that, along with aggressive driving, failure to wear a seatbelt, and impaired driving — a particular concern as marijuana legalization becomes law.

Also of interest to motor vehicle accident insurers: the BC Court of Appeal found that segregated non-pecuniary awards should be avoided.

When does an incident in the workplace require an investigation? Employers may find this a useful resource for issues of workplace violence, harassment, and sexual harassment.

Here’s a good read: an employer may be able to reasonably assume that an employee absent due to illness for several years will not be returning. At the same time, the case shows the importance of retaining regular contact both for the employee’s own sake, and the increased ability to plan.

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