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WMA News Recap Oct 1, 2018

WMA News Recap

What would a more professionally regulated health and safety profession mean for your workplace? There are calls within the profession to move toward a more regulated status away from the current situation of a multitude of safety designations and certifications and a lack of a unifying and universally recognised authority.

Some employers prefer not to offer short-term disability insurance due to a fairly high cost, but it can be offset by an EI premium reduction. It could be worth looking into.

BC drivers could see changes coming to their auto insurance, as the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia (ICBC) announced changes that would see safer drivers rewarded with lower premiums — while some 17 per cent of drivers could see immediate increases.

Marijuana legalization is almost here — and that means everyone should be aware of how marijuana impairment while driving will be treated. In short, Drive high, get charged!

A recent decision relating to issues stemming from a drunk driving collision in 2008 speaks to the importance of medical expertise in tough court cases, and how the courts may view psychologists as health practitioners.

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