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WMA News Recap Aug 13, 2018

WMA News Recap

Short-Term Disability – Why Claims Get Denied

There are numerous reasons why a short-term disability claim may be denied. Here’s a handy article that goes into the most common reasons, from lack of proof, changes in medical or functional status, to pre-existing conditions and failure to get the appropriate care. It’s useful for disability insurers and employers alike to be aware of these.

Auto Insurance Rates Increase

Ontario Auto insurance rates are still increasing in Q2 2018, but it is a compared to Q1.

Delayed Court Dates Lead to 15-Year-Old Claim Tossed Out

A 15-year-old auto insurance claim by an elderly couple was tossed by an Ontario court after years of delayed court dates. Rejecting the couple’s excuse of medical issues, the judge said, “[w]hile I appreciate Mr. Romanko had an incident of difficulty with speech in December 2016 which has led to a series of medical tests, there is no evidence that he is unable to testify on his own behalf at trial or that there is any urgency to his medical condition. He is 78 years of age.”

Paving Company Bid Ban Upheld

Lastly, the City of Sudbury’s ban on a paving company from bidding on City contracts has been upheld by an Ontario court. The ban was put in place following an accident resulting in pedestrian death on a construction site.

“The City claimed that Interpaving failed to understand its obligations under the OHSA including its role as constructor and failed to cooperate with the City on safety matters.”

That’s our news recap for the week. If you operate dangerous construction sites, remember we’re always your resource for a safe return to work. Our own update for the week is on just that: creating a safe, transitional return to work plan.