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Canadian Employers Plan to Increase Hiring in 2024

December 11, 2023 from HRD Canada


Most Canadian businesses are doing well going into 2024. In a recent survey, 54% of Canadian organizations reported that they intend to add new employees in the first half of 2024. The most common explanation for this is company growth, with 61% of employers questioned by Robert Half citing a need for additional staff. Due to this increase in hiring, 77% of those organizations will be able to proceed with projects that were postponed this year.


The poll heard from 1,094 recruiting managers in finance and accounting, technology, marketing and creative, legal, administrative and customer support, and human resources at firms with 20 or more employees in Canada between November 1 to 20.


According to a Robert Half survey, an additional 40% of firms plan to hire to fill vacant roles, and 68% will bring on new contract workers to satisfy new business requirements.


Other explanations offered by businesses for the surge in new jobs were that current employees lack the necessary skills (50%), poaching talent fired from other companies (48%), and workplace attrition (48%).


According to the poll, 89% of recruiting managers indicated they were having more trouble filling positions than they had the year before, and another 64% said it took them longer to do so. These numbers highlight the skill shortage.


90% of leaders were most concerned about employee retention, and 87% of managers found it difficult to maintain motivated and effective workers.


Top challenges that managers expect to face in 2024 included a lack of qualified candidates (53%), having trouble quickly locating the proper candidates (49%), and fulfilling prospective hires’ wage expectations (48%).





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