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Work Implications Post-COVID-19 Vaccination

August 8, 2023 from Science Direct


The ongoing pandemic has presented unique challenges, including the gradual return of employees to work. But what about the impact of COVID-19 vaccinations on our workforce?


A recent study focusing on healthcare workers revealed some interesting insights. Of the 1704 health care workers involved, nearly 35% took sick leave following a COVID-19 vaccination, resulting in 1550 sick days. What’s concerning is that both the number of sick days and the rate of HCWs on leave increased with each subsequent vaccination.


Comparing two common vaccines, BNT162b2mRNA and mRNA-1273, the study found no significant difference in sick leave after the second dose. However, the third dose of mRNA-1273 led to more frequent and prolonged sick leave.


What does this mean for employers and our workforce? As we face ongoing vaccination campaigns and potential booster shots, we must consider the risk of staff shortages due to post-vaccination recovery. This could strain our already fragile healthcare system and compromise patient care.


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