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WMA News Recap Sep 17, 2018

WMA News Recap

Personal injury lawyers might be interested to know that a climate-change-related increase in extreme weather could cause a spike in traffic accidents. Driving becomes more dangerous in poor weather as drivers suffer a host of obstacles — and may not be aware of the risk of hydroplaning and following too closely, along with the necessity of slowing down gradually.

If you operate a workplace with occupational risks, you should read up on this recent case where the Alberta Court of Appeal discussed what the Crown must prove under the general duty section in the Occupational Health and Safety Act. The decision centred around the language that explains the employer must address unsafe conditions “as far as is reasonably practicable.”

What happens when LTD claims go wrong? What do employers need to know? Check out this discussion of a talk at a conference sponsored by Canadian Group of Insurance Brokers.

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