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WMA News Recap Oct 29, 2018

First responders in Nova Scotia are now eligible for broader post-traumatic stress disorder worker’s compensation benefits. Previously, there was a requirement that the PTSD diagnosis be proven to be work-related.

Auto insurance rates in Ontario have increased again, for the fourth time in a row. The Financial Services Commission of Ontario suggests two trends that may play a part: an increase in distracted driving, and an increase in the claim costs of repairing more advanced vehicles.

What are some reasons a long-term disability claim for breast cancer may be denied? This article explores the question.

The Ontario Superior Court of Justice found that insured vehicle owners do not need to hide their car keys to avoid implied consent to other members of the household taking a vehicle. This was in response to an incident where an intoxicated son with a suspended license took his mother’s car and caused an accident.

If you need a hand with a motor vehicle accident insurance case, our Independent Medical Examination services can help deliver clarity when the facts around an injury are key.