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WMA News Recap Nov 26, 2018

Faster roads? You risk more accidents. The BC government increased speed limits on many rural highways to 120 km/h in 2014, and a recent study has linked that action to a higher incident of accidents.

Could there be a gut microbiome connection between fiber and heart health? A recent study in Nature Microbiology discusses this possibility.

Many Canadians — perhaps one in three — haven’t read their entire insurance policy. And even among those who did, many say they don’t actually completely understand it. If you’re an insurer, this means you’re dealing with many misguided claims that could be headed off much earlier in the process.

Even so, there will always claims that are difficult to evaluate. If that’s the position you find yourself in, you may be interested in the role that independent medical advice can play in the insurance process. Disability insurers can find more information here, while motor vehicle accident insurers may find this page interesting.