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WMA News Recap Nov 12, 2018

Alberta law enforcement is working with the provincial government to lessen the impact of fraudulent registration of stolen vehicles. VIN cloning is the target, and when it comes to Alberta, consumers are more vulnerable than in the provincially-run system of Saskatchewan and other provinces.

The Workplace Safety and Insurance Board has announced a new premium rate framework. The previous 13 core policies have been replaced with 6. Employers will need to understand what these WSIB changes mean for them — but should find the framework simpler and easier.

A recent case at the Supreme Court of Canada has found that the maintenance records of breathalyzers are subject to third-party, not first-party, disclosure. It looked at a trio of cases involving different decisions at lower levels. This brings some clarity to an issue which was under question.

Need some clarity on a medical issue related to an insurance claim? MVA insurers will want to start here.