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Webinar Recording – Medicalization: How to Avoid an HR Trainwreck!

Unneeded Medicalization

Medicalization: it’s an insidious problem facing companies and employees across the world. A non-medical issue can find itself elevated to the status of medical condition, leaving behind a wake of ballooning costs, HR catastrophe, and ultimately, a patient outright let down by the medical establishment.

Western Medical Assessments’ Medical Director Dr. Roger Hodkinson recently gave a webinar on the topic. Now, we’d like to open up access to the recording to all HR professionals.

Do you need a primer on what medicalization is first?

Dr. Hodkinson has extensive experience with medicalization and brings his sharp eye to the issue in this engaging hour-long examination of the topic from an HR perspective:

  • Overview of what medicalization is and how it affects employers and employees
  • What Independent Medical Examinations are, and how they combat medicalization
  • The red flags HR departments should watch out for
  • When the circumstances are right for an IME
  • Questions and answers from on-the-ground HR professionals in attendance

Are you ready to understand how to do right by your employee while reducing the enormous costs an unchecked suspect medical diagnosis can inflict on a company? Head on over here and get started — and make sure you share with your colleagues. It’s time to resolve and prevent those lingering cases and make a difference in your HR department.

Want to know what else employers should be aware of?