Return to Work Solutions with WMA

As an employer, it can be difficult to manage the costs of an absent worker, while still keeping their best interests in mind.  Whether an employee is away due to injury or illness, it can be difficult knowing when it is appropriate to request they return to work.


An employee may be absent for medical reasons, and they may even provide a note from their physician. However, in some circumstances, the information provided by the employee’s physician may appear inadequate or inaccurate.


Similarly, an employee may present a medical certificate stating they are stressed or anxious and cannot work for a period of time, without providing any other information. Another common problem employers face is employees being absent on and off for several months on the basis of a medical certificate, claiming they are unfit to return to work, and then again fit to return.


It can be difficult for employers to understand their rights in such circumstances and how they can resolve the situation. One possible solution may be to request an independent medical examination (IME).


An article by the HR Reporter identifies several situations where an employer may obtain an IME:

  • When the employer has the contractual right to obtain an IME under the employment agreement or collective agreement.
  • Where legislation specifies that the employer has the right to do so, or
  • When the employer requests an IME and the employee agrees.


Of course, each circumstance is different and employers require the proper tools to get answers regarding an appropriate course of action. IMEs by Western Medical Assessments provide Evidence-Based Clarity™ that allow a healthy and safe return to work.


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