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Ozempic Burgers

June 4, 2024 From Medscape

One emerging food business trend, dubbed “Ozempic Burgers, is set to offer new dietary indulgences tailored for people taking anti-obesity medications. The products, like Nestle’s Vital Pursuit brand, are designed for small appetites, promising smaller portions but reduced calories with higher protein and fat contents that give a more sated feeling after consuming fewer calories.


Dr. Yoni Freedhoff blames the dual nature of this development, asserting that such products will receive a broad welcome from its target market and negative criticism from people who adhere to a more traditional, challenging work-based approach to managing weight. The move, he says, is “one that will be simultaneously welcomed by their target market and scorned by self-righteous, healthy-living, just-try-harder, isn’t-this-just-feeding-the-problem hypocrites.”


Implicit weight bias is a more pervasive issue that affects public perception of what people should eat. Indeed, a 2016 article reported that, between 2007 and 2016, while bias dropped with race, skin tone, sexuality, age, and disability, biases relating to weight remained the same. That often comes hand in hand with the prevailing bias against people with obesity in the judgment of their food choices, even though precisely the same indulgences are pretty standard for people of every other weight. Dr. Freedhoff emphasizes his point, stating that “there are bags of chips and cookies in most of our weekly carts, and who among us doesn’t, at times, grab some greasy comfort or convenience?”


Products like Ozempic are not just aimed at those on such medications but can be bought by anyone interested in more minor dietary indulgences. This is contrasted to the often judgmental standpoint most take on weight and eating in society. Dr. Freedhoff says, “The food industry’s one job is to sell food, and if they think they see a market opportunity, they’ll take it.” 


The broader discussion around anti-obesity medications and the development of related food products should focus on the potential benefits. These products support medications that improve the quality of life and reduce the risk of various conditions associated with obesity. Dr. Freedhoff concludes “Products that support the use of medications that improve life’s quality while markedly reducing the risk for an ever-growing number of conditions should be celebrated.”




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