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Leveraging FAEs for Safer Returns to Work

July 29, 2022 from CCHOS


A Functional Abilities Evaluation (FAE) can be a game-changer for employers seeking safer and more effective return-to-work processes.


Understanding the FAE Advantage

A Functional Abilities Evaluation (FAE) is a comprehensive, data-driven assessment of an employee’s physical and cognitive capabilities. It offers employers a clear picture of what an employee can do and identifies any potential barriers or risks to a successful return to regular work duties. Crucially, FAEs are tailored to assess both physical and cognitive abilities, making them a holistic tool for evaluating a worker’s readiness to return.


Who Conducts FAEs?

FAEs are typically carried out by healthcare professionals with expertise in assessing function and aligning it with workplace requirements. These experts focus on abilities, not disabilities, determining what the worker can do without the risk of further injury, and ensuring a safe and productive return to work.


The Employer’s Perspective

Employers can derive numerous benefits from FAEs. These evaluations provide insights that help identify the gap between an employee’s abilities and job requirements, allowing employers to avoid unsafe work conditions. Armed with this information, the return-to-work team can effectively plan accommodations, ensuring a smoother transition for the returning worker.


FAEs may also lead to ergonomic solutions that enhance the return-to-work program, and they can provide recommendations for further treatment. By taking this holistic approach, employers create a secure and productive work environment.


What to Expect in an FAE

An FAE encompasses various aspects, such as a musculoskeletal examination, testing functional tasks, assessing fine motor skills, and evaluating cognitive abilities. These evaluations ensure that the worker can safely and effectively perform essential job-related functions.


FAEs can empower employers to create a safer and more efficient workplace. By leveraging these evaluations, employers can better support their employees’ return to work, improve workplace safety, and enhance overall productivity. To explore how FAEs can benefit your organization, reach out to our team of experts today.





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