The Value of Medical Coaching for Lawyers

Medicine is a complicated field. So is the law, of course. But when you’re only an expert in the law and you’ve got a case with a strong medical angle, there is a serious risk of failure if you’re not appropriately prepared for these types of cases:

  • Workplace injury
  • Bodily injury insurance claims
  • Medical malpractice suits

Head that danger off through medical coaching.

Understand How to Decipher Medical Information

Cases with medical angles frequently involve considerable amounts of medical reports. The information in these reports could be vital for your case, but without proper expertise on your side, you will probably need help. Internet research? You can only get so far until the facts insist: you need an expert.

Medical coaching allows you to obtain greater assurance about the medical information and identify the key points that the question rests upon. You’ll learn what might be open to interpretation. Whether some points could be non-evidence based given the current medical literature. And what to do with this knowledge.

Learn How to Approach the Case

A medical coach will work with you to understand the nuances of a situation, and where the medical facts lie.

With this, you can form a strategy with expertise backing it that allows for effective engagement with your opposition. You’ll gain context about the situation and about similar cases and how they went. You’ll have an easier time spotting the points you can convincingly object to or champion.

Whether you’re preparing for a questioning or to go to trial, it’s this sort of work that will allow you to adopt the best approach possible.

Operate with Confidence

Often, you’ll be dealing with an opposing expert’s advice or report. With a reliable expert helping you clarify the facts, you’ll be well-positioned to respond with confidence.

There are in fact many red flags that pop up in medical reports whether you’re representing the plaintiff or the defendant, and assessing the significance of these can be crucial when your job is to make the best case possible.

That includes spotting them in your own documentation before they have a chance to undermine your own case, as much as it does drawing attention to them in the opposing counsel’s brief.

With the right medical coaching, from a relevant, specialized practitioner, you’ll be looking forward to trial: not anxious about it.

Get the Right Expertise

Western Medical Assessments has a long history and trusted reputation assisting lawyers navigate the complexities of medical disputes.

From IMEs, document reviews, literature reviews, to rebuttal opinions, we put lawyers in contact with the right medical experts.

Are you in need of a reliable medical opinion? We recommend you get started here, on our page just for lawyers. Want to go a step further? Our eBook, Law and the Medical Expert, has everything you need — all at once.