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AMA Launches Pay-As-You-Go Auto Insurance in Alberta

From AMA

The Alberta Motor Association (AMA) has launched AMA MyPace, a new distance-based auto insurance product designed to meet the changing needs of Albertans. This insurance model allows policyholders to pay a fixed fee for essential coverage, such as theft and hail damage, and an additional amount based on the kilometres their vehicle is driven.

Why AMA MyPace?

With significant changes in how and where people work, many Albertans are spending less time driving. AMA MyPace is tailored for those who:

  • Drive less than 9,000 km per year.
  • Work from home full-time or have a hybrid work arrangement.
  • Are retired and make infrequent, short trips.
  • Commute primarily by bicycle or public transit.
  • Have more vehicles than drivers in their household or own a seasonal vehicle.
  • How AMA MyPace Works

AMA MyPace uses an on-board diagnostic (OBD) device that plugs into a port in your vehicle to track the distance driven each month. This data is accessible through the AMA MyPace app, where you can monitor your monthly driving distance.

Your monthly insurance bill consists of two components:

  1. A base cost for necessary coverage, such as theft and hail damage, that applies even when your vehicle is parked.
  2. A per-kilometre rate for coverage while the vehicle is being driven.

To accommodate occasional long trips, kilometres are capped at 300 km per day, ensuring that a single long drive does not significantly increase your bill.

Is AMA MyPace Suitable for You?

AMA MyPace is designed for those who drive infrequently and want to manage their insurance costs more effectively. If you typically drive more than 9,000 km per year, you might consider AMA MyRide, an app that promotes safer driving behaviors and offers savings for eligible drivers.

This program is available as part of an AMA Insurance personal auto policy and is completely voluntary. If your current insurance meets your needs, there is no obligation to switch.


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