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Alberta has highest annual car insurance premiums

January 11, 2023 from Daily Hive


According to a report released by HelloSafe Canada, drivers in Alberta paid the highest annual car insurance premiums in Canada in 2023. The top four of the five cities where drives faced the highest annual car insurance premiums were Calgary ($3,182), Edmonton ($3,150), Red Deer ($2,971), and Grande Prairie ($2,770).


Tied for fifth place was Thunder Bay Ontario, reaching the same total as Grande Prairie.


Manitoba had a median premium of $1,373 and Saskatchewan drivers paid $1,249, making them the provinces with the lowest premiums.


Across the country, Canadian male drivers pay approximately 4.1% more in premiums than female drivers.


The report was made with data available on car insurance for 33 Canadian cities in 9 different provinces. The data came from 27 different profiles of drivers, mixing criteria like age, gender, marital and employment status, kilometers driven, and more.