How WMA Processes Assessment Requests

  1. Upon receipt of an online request form we assign an internal file number to your case
  2. Our Medical Director reviews your request and all the medical documentation in order to recommend the appropriate physician or service provider for the assignment
  3. The client may be contacted if additional information is required and/or the client has requested direct contact.
  4. WMA sources any imaging studies noted in the documentation, if required.
  5. The client and/or claimant is contacted by one of our Appointment Coordinators by phone/email to confirm the appointment with the physician and/or other type of service provider (e.g. occupational therapist, psychologist, dentist, etc.).
  6. The appointment is also confirmed in writing/email to both the client and the claimant, as well as the claimant’s lawyer, if required. This letter includes the appointment details, the cancellation deadline and penalties (no-show fees). And any other pertinent information.
  7. The Medical Director issues a covering letter of instruction to the service provider to outline the unique set of issues for each case.
  8. The service provider assesses the claimant.
  9. The report is transcribed and formatted.
  10. The report is reviewed by WMA and edited by the Medical Director for quality assurance.
  11. WMA follows up with the service provider for more information or clarity, if required.
  12. The report is sent to the client with an invoice.
  13. All other follow-up issues are managed by WMA through our secure web portal, as required (e.g. requests for addenda, further assessments, clarifications, expert testimony, etc.).