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January 17, 2018
Dr Lyddell

January 26, 2018
Dr Mrazik

April 25, 2018
Ms Wilson
Occupational Therapist



January 17, 2018
Dr Lyddell



January 16, 2018
Mr Cheesman
Occupational Therapist

MVA Blog

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Many Ontario drivers do not have adequate liability insurance coverage due to changes in the insurance...

Automatic Vicarious Liability of Owner Only Applies to Accidents on Highways


One of the first lessons that any student of personal injury law learns is that an owner of a motor vehicle...

Car insurance 101: understanding optional physical damage coverages


In addition to mandatory car insurance coverages, there are a wide range of optional coverages available...

Auto insurance rates are set to decrease in Ontario


The Financial Services Commission of Ontario (FSCO), which regulates car insurance in the province, says...

What is one-way auto insurance?


Auto insurance coverage is mandatory for all drivers across Canada. The extent to which it is diversified...

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