Legal Services

For 20 years, lawyers across Western Canada have benefited from the opinions of medical-legal experts retained through Western Medical Assessments. Drawing upon our extensive network, we have been able to significantly assist in the successful resolution of numerous litigated claims.

At Western Medical we pride ourselves on being 'tuned in' to the nuances of each client's needs, with an approach that is driven by the highest ethical and professional standards.

Our full time Medical Director is an important value added resource of the Company. He is personally and directly involved in every referral, and would welcome the opportunity of being your 'go to' resource for all your medical-legal files.


Medical-Legal Interface
Bodily Injury
Chronic Pain
Traumatic Brain Injury
Psychological issues
% Impairment determination
Disability assessments
Actuarial analyses
Cost of Future Care
Vocational Assessments
Testamentary capacity
Contested spousal support
Contested child custody
Sexual abuse
Disputed WCB claims
Cause of death
Reason to use our Services

Pro bono advice from our
   experienced full time
   Medical Director
Our extensive network of experts
Proven strategy and tactics of
   managing experts
Quality assured reports
Facilitation of timely and effective
   communication with the expert
Coaching for Examinations for
   Discovery and Trials
Elimination of the irritation of
   appointment logistics
Expedited appointments for
   tight legal deadlines
Out-of-town / province /
   country examinations
Unusual cases with extremely
   specialized needs

Legal Services Blog

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Western Medical Assessments (WMA) provides expert medical assessment services to insurance companies, lawyers (both defense and plaintiff) and employers. Our reputation as one of Canada’s most respected disability assessment companies is premised on our trusted network of thousands of clinical experts — mostly specialists — across all medical disciplines (physical and psychological). We’ve been entrusted to complete 63,000 independent medical examinations (IMEs) as our clients appreciate our medical direction, evidence-based medical opinions and complete independence from any ethical conflicts of interest.

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