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Featured Clinics


October 30 and 31, 2017
Dr O'Brien
Orthopedic Surgeon

November 13, 2017
Dr Stringham

November 20, 2017
Dr Neilson

November 28, 2017
Dr Lyddell

November 29, 2017
Mr Yong

January 26, 2017
Dr Mrazik

April 25, 2017
Ms Wilson
Occupational Therapist



October 20, 2017
Mr Yong

November 14, 2017
Dr O'Brien
Orthopedic Surgeon

November 18, 2017
Dr Gendemann

November 22, 2017
Dr Lyddell



November 24, 2017
Dr Lesiuk


January 16, 2017
Mr Cheesman
Occupational Therapist

Employer Services Blog

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Ontario employers are not, as a general rule, answerable under the OHSA to employees for workplace harassment by fellow employees or managers: arbitrator


An arbitrator has stated that the Ontario Occupational Health and Safety Act does not make employers...

Citing unfairness, court throws out criminal negligence charge against boom truck operator that was laid after his guilty plea to related OHSA charge


A boom truck operator who pleaded guilty to an Occupational Health and Safety Act charge after a workplace...

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